A Thief's Sacrifice

Three Friends, a young prince, a minister's son and a merchant's son, decided to find Some magic gems. 

So they set out to find those stones. As they searched the hill, they found three precious gems that were worth a lot of money. 

We cannot be careless With them. How do we protect them?" the second friend asked. Let's swallow them. 

This way, no one will know about these gems," the merchant's son said. So they did that. 

A thief had been observing them for quite some time. He liked their friendship and decided to join them. 

In doing so, he became their friend too. One day, they were travelling back to their village and decided to stop by at a chief's inn. 

The chief somehow found out about the gems. He was planning to capture them. 

But the thief found out and gave himself in place of his friends. The thief got imprisoned for life, while his friends escaped for their survival. 

The three young men were thankful to the thief who sacrificed himself and saved their lives.

Moral: A good deed will always be acknowledged.