The Daydreamer

Once a lazy man hung his pot of milk above his head and started to dream about it. 

"With this pot of milk, I shall make some curd. Then I'Il sell that curd, and buy more curd. 

Then I'Il churn the curd and make butter. Then I will sell that butter and make lots of money. 

With that money, I will buy elephants. I will then sell the elephants and buy lots of gold and jewelry. 

I will marry a wealthy merchant's daughter. Then we will have a son. But what if my son is very naughty'? 

What if he doesn't listen to me?. But in doing so, he kicked the pot of milk above his head. 

All the milk fell over him. The man woke up, only to realize it was his dream, and now he had no milk.

Moral: Don't dream of something that you are lazy to do in real life.

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