The Foolish Donkey

One day, a farmer let the donkey loose at night, so that he could graze the fields. As the donkey was eating, he befriended a fox. 

The fox said, "Let us go to that maize field and enjoy more food." The donkey agreed. 

As they were grazing, the donkey turned to the fox and said, "I feel like singing." 

"Are you foolish? You will wake the farmers of this field," the fox said in his hush voice. The donkey did not listen to the fox.

 Just as he was about to begin, the fox left him and went to hide behind the nearby bushes. 

With the loud braying of the donkey, the farmers of the maize field came running. They spotted the donkey and beat him up blue. 

Moral: We must know the proper place and time for doing the things we want.

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