The Fox and The Grapes

On a bright sunny day, a fox spotted a vineyard. The vineyard was full of ripe, purple, big round grapes hanging on the creeper plant that hung high on a tree. 

The fox got hungry Just at looking at these grapes. "These are so big, purple, and juicy. 

I'm sure they must be really sweet to eat," he thought to himself. The fox jumped to catch a bunch of grapes but failed. 

He tried again, but he could not reach near them. He ran back and forth to build up speed so that he could jump high, but he failed again. 

At last, he gave up after getting annoyed. "Well, I think these grapes aren't that sweet and ripe. 

I should go. I am just wasting my time." Saying this, he walked away. 

Moral: If we give up easily, we will never know the goodness of things.

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