The Monkey and The Crocodile

Once a crocodile took some jambolan fruit for his wife, given by his friend monkey But his wife was not happy.

"I want to eat the monkey's heart!" she said. Though sad the crocodile decided to get the monkey's heart for his wife. 

The next day, when the crocodile visited the monkey, he said, "My wife has asked me to call you for dinner The monkey happily jumped on the crocodile's back. 

But as soon as he jumped, the crocodile told him about his wife, who wanted his heart. 

Oh, my dear friend. Why did you not tell me before? I left my heart on the tree. Let's swim back and get it," said the monkey. 

The crocodile took the monkey back. As soon as they reached the tree, the monkey jumped and went to the highest branch. 

"You fool! How can anyone live without a heart'? the monkey said while throwing fruits at the crocodile. 

Moral: Foolishness can make you take wrong decisions.