The Wedding of The Mouse

A saint was praying by the river. As he was praying, an eagle came by and dropped a mouse on his lap. 

The saint believed the mouse to be unique as it came to him. So he prayed and changed the mouse into a pretty little girl. 

"Look, my dear wife, I have brought home this little one. From today, she'll be our daughter," he said. 

The saint and his wife took care of the little child. When she grew up to the age of getting married, her parents started searching the right groom for her. 

The saint took her to the Sun God. "Father, he is too bright and hot. I can't marry him," she said, with her hands covering her face from the bright light of the Sun God. 

Then the saint took her to the Lord of Clouds. "But father, his thunder and darkness scare me," she said, shivering as she spoke to the saint. 

Just then, a mouse ran past them. "Oh father, the mouse is perfect. I shall marry him," she said, with eyes sparkling with joy. The saint was delighted seeing his daughter happy. 

Moral: We must choose what makes us happy.

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