An Honest Woodcutter | Short Moral Stories

An Honest Woodcutter | Short Moral Stories

A poor woodcutter once dropped his axe in a river. An angel quickly went into the water and came out with a gold and silver axe. 

When the angel asked the woodcutter which one was his, he said, "No, these are not mine." 

Then the angel brought him the axe which belonged to him. The poor man thanked the angel. 

The angel was so proud of his honesty that he gave him the gold and silver axes. The woodcutter became rich. 

When his friend, who was a greedy man, came to know about this, he did the same thing. The angel of water came up again. 

The greedy man said that the gold axe was his. The angel did not come back, and the greedy man lost his iron axe too. 

Moral: Honesty is the best policy.