Gold Grows in The Farm | Short Moral Stories

Gold Grows in The Farm | Short Moral Stories

A woman once told her lazy husband that growing chickpeas would bring gold. When the time came, he saw only the chickpeas plants coming out but no gold. 

He went to his wife and said to her,You, said that gold would come out but its only chickpeas. The wife then said, "This time I'l give you wheat to grow. Then for sure, gold will grow." 

The man agreed and went and sowed wheat in his field. When the time came, there was a golden harvest of the wheat everywhere. The man went to his wife and said, "You again fooled me. 

There is no gold but only the wheat." The wife wanted to teach her husband a lesson since he was a lazy man. 

She said to him,"The wheat that you see is the gold. See the color. It's so beautiful. Don't they look like gold?

Moral: You should not be lazy.Work hard, and you will be rewarded.