Right Mind And Wrong Mind | Short Moral Stories

Right Mind And Wrong Mind | Short Moral Stories

Long ago, Wrong-Mind asked his friend, Right-Mind, to go with him to another city to earn some money. 

They both kept some money with them and buried the rest under a Tree. After some days, Wrong-Mind accused the Right-Mind, You stole all my money!" Right-Mind was shocked. 

They went to court. The judge said to them, "Go and ask the spirit of the tree." Wrong-Mind took his father's help. His father hid inside the bark of the tree as told by him. 

He was also told to say to the judge that Right-Mind was a thief. When they reached the tree, they thought there was something wrong. 

Right-Mind set fire to the tree! Wrong-Mind's father came out of the hiding! The surprised judge now knew the truth. He punished Wrong-Mind.
Moral: Never cheat on anyone.