The Fate of a Fool - Short Moral Stories in English

The Fate of a Fool - Short Moral Stories

Three thieves saw a fool carrying a goat. As the fool came closer, the first thief took his goat away quietly. 

The fool found that his goat was missing. The second thief asked him, "Why are you so sad?" The fool said that he had lost his goat. 

The thief said, "The wind has taken your goat, and if you give me your horse, I could bring back your goat." The fool agreed. 

After waiting for long, he realized that he had lost his horse too! The third thief came to him and said he could take him to his horse and goat, and took him to a nearby well. 

The fool removed his clothes and jumped in. Finding nothing inside, he came out to find that his clothes were also gone! 

Moral: Never be foolish and use your wisdom.

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