The Game Of Wit - Short Moral Stories in English

The Game Of Wit - Short Moral Stories

A family of jackals found an empty lion's den to live. The father jackal hid inside, while his wife protected the den. 

When the lion came back, the mother jackal shouted. At this, the father jackal asked his cubs to shout aloud. 

The surprised lion stopped right there. The father jackal said to the lion that the children were crying for lion's meat. 

The lion got scared. The fox told him about what the jackals had planned. They both came to the den. 

When they saw them, the mother jackal scolded the fox. She said, "Why did you return with one lion when I had asked you for five?" Both the lion and fox ran away!

Moral: The physically weak can defeat the strong with a sharp mind and cleverness.