The Greedy Traveler And The Hungry Tigher | Short Moral Stories

The Greedy Traveler And The Hungry Tigher

A poor man had a sad encounter with a tiger. "Don't be afraid! Come near and see what I have," the tiger said. 

When the man went near the tiger, he saw a gold bangle. He wished to get the gold bangle. He thought, "I will sell the gold bangle and look after my family. 

The tiger said to the man, "I can give you this gold bangle only if you promise to feed me." But as Soon as he took the bangle, the man ran away. 

When he reached his village and showed it to the goldsmith, the goldsmith said, Where did you get this fake gold bangle? It is of no use." The man was sorry for what he had done. 

Moral: Greed can bring: lot of trouble for us.

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