The Reward Of Sacrifice | Short Moral Stories

The Reward Of Sacrifice | Short Moral Stories

Shivering in cold and hunger, a man prayed to God, "God, please take care of me." A family of pigeons sitting the branch of the tree heard his prayers. 

They felt sad for the man and decided to help him. First, they threw their empty nest to the man so that he could warm himself. But the man used the nest to make a fire. 

Then the pigeons dropped down the fruits of the trees and sacrificed their eggs to give food to the man. The man took the fruit and eggs and ate them to his heart's content. 

Seeing this, God was pleased with the sacrifice of the pigeons. "You have saved that man. In return, I will reward you with healthy children," God said to the pigeons. 

The pigeons were very happy, as they had new eggs in place of the eggs they had given to the man.
Moral: Sacrifice is always rewarded.

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